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ReStrike - The Reusable Match

ReStrike - The Reusable Match

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Introducing ReStrike, the ultimate Reusable Match that will forever change the way you light up. Meticulously crafted from high-quality copper with a sleek electroplating finish, this fashionably simple device offers both style and practicality, ensuring an eco-friendly and reliable firelighting experience.

Elegant Simplicity: ReStrike's minimalist design embraces elegance and functionality. Its compact dimensions of 64.53612mm make it a portable and stylish accessory, fitting seamlessly into your lifestyle.

Sustainable Firelight: Bid farewell to disposable lighters and matches. With ReStrike, sustainability takes center stage as it eliminates the need for wasteful single-use alternatives. Embrace eco-conscious living with this reusable marvel.

Electroplated Beauty: The electroplating finish adds a touch of sophistication to ReStrike, making it more than just a practical tool - it's a statement of refined taste. Choose from an array of captivating colors, including Z553 Original Copper Knurling, Z553 Blue Ice, Z553 Illusion, Z553 Original Copper, or Z553 Black Ice.

reusable match

Powered by Kerosene: ReStrike utilizes kerosene as its engine oil, ensuring a reliable and wind-resistant flame. Whether you're lighting a candle, campfire, or stove, ReStrike is your trustworthy companion.

Easy to Use: With a quick strike, ReStrike produces a strong and consistent flame, ready to light up any situation. Its user-friendly design allows for effortless ignition, making it the perfect tool for indoor and outdoor adventures.

Durable Copper Construction: Crafted from high-quality copper, ReStrike is built to last. Its sturdy construction ensures repeated use without compromise, providing you with an enduring and eco-friendly fire lighting solution.

A Gift of Practicality: For camping enthusiasts, survivalists, or anyone who values sustainability, ReStrike makes a thoughtful and functional gift choice for any occasion.

Package Content: Your purchase includes one ReStrike Reusable Match, your key to a lifetime of sustainable firelight.

infinity match

Embrace Sustainability: Experience the convenience and eco-consciousness of ReStrike, the Reusable Match designed to light up your life while minimizing environmental impact. Click "Buy Now" and join the movement toward a greener future!

Product information:

  • Material:Copper
  • Style:Fashion Simple
  • Features:Electroplating
  • Colour:Z553 original copper knurling,Z553 blue ice,Z553 illusion,Z553 original copper,Z553 black ice
  • Type of engine oil: Kerosene
  • Size:64.5*36*12mm
  • Lighter*1
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