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Fire Extinguisher Lighter

Fire Extinguisher Lighter

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Product information:

Material: Alloy
Type of lighter oil: butane
Is it one-time: no
Windproof function: no
Additional Features: Lighter
Color: red with light

Size information:

76.5*24* 24mm


Detailed inflatable introduction:
Aeration method
1. When refilling, there must be no sparks or sparks around to ensure safety. Do not add gas while smoking;
2. Qualified butane gas should be used, inferior gas may damage the lighter or reduce the service life;
3. When refilling ordinary models, please turn the lighter upside down, align the gas bottle outlet and cover the air inlet of the lighter, and press hard several times for about 2 seconds each time; if the gas cannot be refilled, it may be a gas There is excess air left in the box. At this time, you can deflate it. Use a small screwdriver to align the air inlet to deflate it 1-2 times, and then refill it;
4. When adding air, please use a flat-blade screwdriver and other tools to loosen the screw cover of the air inlet, and then follow the above steps. After refilling, the screw cover can be screwed flat, but not too tight; otherwise, the cover will not be compacted, the sound of the cover will not be crisp, and the gas will escape. 5. When refueling the gasoline engine, the head cover should be opened, the movement should be pulled out and reversed, and the outer sponge should be opened to add an appropriate amount of gasoline. After the gasoline penetrates into the inner sponge, cover it. The outer layer of sponge is then put into the casing;
6. After refueling various lighters, wait at least 1 minute to adjust the temperature of the newly charged gas to room temperature, and wait until the residual gas attached to the lighter is completely volatilized before ignition. If the ignition operation is performed immediately at this time, the residual gas on the surface of the lighter may ignite, causing unnecessary danger. After refilling the gas, if the flame height is too high or too low during use, it is a normal phenomenon, and the flame height can be adjusted appropriately.

1. Contains pressurized flammable gas, please keep it away from children;
2. Do not puncture or throw lighters, and do not throw them into fire;
3. Please use it in a ventilated environment, pay attention to flammable materials;
4. The direction of the fire head is strictly prohibited from facing the face, skin and clothing and other flammable substances to avoid danger;
5. When igniting, please identify the position of the fire outlet, and press the ignition appropriately. Different styles of lighters are ignited in different ways: direct firing, side firing, and side firing; gasoline engines should quickly rub the grinding wheel, and loudspeakers use the thumb to quickly rub the drum from right to left;

Packing list :

Lighter*1( Butane-free, you need to inflate yourself

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